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Extermitech can help you eliminate those pesky bed bugs for good! Here at Extermitech, we take pest control seriously. We're committed to making sure your home is pest free, as soon as possible. This is done through various methods, most of which are eco-friendly and green. We're no stranger to the greener method of doing things. When you need to protect your family's health, choose Extermitech. We offer bed bug protection plans that are custom to your home and it's condition. Extermitech will assess each home, and come up with a plan that will not only treat your problem but alleviate it for good! If you believe you have one bed bug or a full blown infestation, we give you the option to make it as easy as possible for you to be better!

We've been family owned and operated since 1982, and we're currently celebrating our 35th year in business. In addition to that, we also maintain liability, disability, and worker's compensation insurances. Extermitech is licensed by the NYSDEC and the Nassau and Suffolk County Offices of Consumers Affairs. We're also members of the New York Pest Management Association, the Pesticide Applicators of Long Island Association, and the Long Island Better Business Bureau. We're fully equipped and experienced to help you, no matter the creature and size of the project.

Bed Bugs in Queens NY

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Bed Bugs were once completely eradicated from the United States. With the constant increase of international travel, bed bugs have made their way back. These creatures are like little vampires, and can not only nest in your bed but in furniture, carpet, and even in the wall voids. The require the tools that only an expert possesses. Anybody can treat for bedbugs but to really get rid of them is to have good communication between the customer and the company doing the job.

At Extermitech, we know what each customer needs to prepare correctly and what we need to do to eradicate the bedbugs. Together with our customers, following our recommendations together with our expert treatment, we will have you on your way to living free of the bed bugs! If for any reason you believe that you are dealing with bed bugs, it's crucial that you take action steps to get rid of them immediately. If you want fast and reliable pest and bed bug removal services, contact Extermitech today!

Pest Control Services

Extermitech not only provides excellent bed bug services - we are a full service pest and wildlife control company. We're proud to offer our services to both residential and commercial clients, and all of our services are done in eco-friendly ways. Here are just some of the services we offer or protect you from:

Food Service Pest Control

The Food Service industry is much like our industry, in that it's all about making customers happy and having them go to us when the time comes. Nothing hurts a business more than having a customer see or even yell that famous word "ROACH!" Extermitech services many food service businesses, from mom and pop delis and banquet halls, to the top restaurants of Long Island. Extermitech comes to your facility in an unmarked vehicle and performs discrete and effective services. We use only necessary means of getting rid of your current condition and also provide monitoring to make sure they never come back. We offer service on monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and weekly if needed.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.