Wildlife Trapping on Long Island

Nobody likes a tenant that doesn’t pay rent. At Extermitech, we can evict that tenant quickly and without causing them harm.

We use methods that will not harm the animals, but effectively exclude or remove them from your residence. Extermitech staffs licensed trappers to get this work done for you. We are experts in Raccoons, Squirrels, Rodents, Birds, Bats, Moles, even Snakes. Extermitech is the inventor and, the only installer of “The Rodent Guard,” which keeps squirrels and other wildlife from using your power lines to access your home or business.

Extermitech’s trappers have experience trapping occasional invaders of homes, as well as wildlife that take up full time residency around homes, parks, and larger properties such as farms, equestrian centers, and golf courses.  Whether its raccoons, squirrels, fox, muskrat, deer, or even geese, Extermitech has licensed trappers, and avid outdoorsmen that can assist you with your nuisance wildlife problems, while remaining humane, discreet, and ethical.

The pros at Extermitech can prescribe and carry out a nuisance wildlife control plan that can help make your property yours again! Our trappers are not just “exterminators” that occasionally remove squirrels from attics, they are avid outdoorsmen and conservationists with lots of wildlife experience and many years in the outdoors giving them a deep understanding of the wildlife they are hired to control.

Extermitech is pleased to help you control the following species of wildlife:

  • Raccoons

  • Squirrels

  • Muskrats

  • Woodchucks / Groundhogs

  • Fox

  • Geese

  • Deer

Give our office a call to inquire about our services and to setup an appointment. 631-581-2667

NOTE:  We do not assist with domestic animals such as dogs or cats, sorry.

Rodent Guard

Wildlife Removal: Rodent Control Long Island | Extermitech Pest Control - rodentguard
The newly patented Rodent Guard has been proven effective and successful. It easily affixes to power lines, guy wires, dock ropes or cabling with a minimal number of parts and can be assembled in a short period of time. It is closely fitted to and remains in a transverse position on the support.

At Extermitech, We're Experienced in Trapping and Removing the Following Pests:


If you're experiencing unwanted guests in your home or business, don't attempt to confront the pests on your own, you need wildlife trapping and removal experts! For fast, reliable pest and wildlife and pest control services in Long Island and the surrounding areas, contact Extermitech today for a FREE INSPECTION.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.