Commercial and Industrial Pest Control

If you're looking for eco-friendly pest control and high quality extermination services for your Long Island and Queens commercial or industrial property, Extermitech has the certified pest control technicians you’re looking for.  

Commercial Pest Control - Long Island NY | Extermitech Pest Control - iStock_75476999_SMALLWith decades of experience, Extermitech is a fully licensed, family owned and operated business that has been performing residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial pest and wildlife removal services since 1982.

Also, we are proud members of the New York Pest Management Association, the Pesticide Applicators of Long Island Association, and the Long Island Better Business Bureau, all of which has helped us grow from a small business into one of the most trusted extermination and pest control companies in the area. Our years of experience and extensive training for our staff give us a competitive advantage when handling any pest problem. We only employ the most environmentally and humane practices, so you can trust Extermitech to handle it all!

Our Environmentally Focused Pest Control Services Include:

  • Rodent removal
  • Pest control
  • Wildlife removal
  • Bed bug removal

From bed bugs and termites to raccoons and bats, Extermitech can handle all pest issues. Our trained professionals will inspect, dissect, and handle the issue in a non-hazardous and timely fashion that will allow you, your employees, and tenants to get back to work as quickly as possible.

Eliminate Rodents From Your Commercial or Industrial Property Today!

Commercial Pest Control - Long Island NY | Extermitech Pest Control - iStock_4328680_SMALLWhile we dedicate ourselves on our fast and effective pest control and extermination, that's not our only focus. Thanks to our goal to always improve and grow as a company, we offer environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemical pest control solutions that are non-hazardous for everyone including school children, employees, and even pets on the property. We also perform humane wildlife removal that consists of trapping, removing, and even repairing the wood from termite or carpenter ant damage.

Available Commercial Pest Control Services:

  • Birds
  • Fleas/Ticks
  • Roaches
  • Squirrels/Raccoons
  • State of the Art and Conventional Termite & Carpenter Ant Baiting Systems/Control Methods
  • Wood Repairs from Termite, Carpenter Ants and Powder Post Beetle Damage

Food Service Pest Control

The Food Service industry is much like our industry, in that it’s all about making customers happy and having them go to us when the time comes. Nothing hurts a business more than having a customer see or even yell that famous word “ROACH!” Extermitech services many food service businesses, from mom and pop delis and banquet halls, to the top restaurants of Long Island. Extermitech comes to your facility in an unmarked vehicle and performs discrete and effective services. We use only necessary means of getting rid of your current condition and also provide monitoring to make sure they never come back. We offer service on monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and weekly if needed.

Health Care Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control - Long Island NY | Extermitech Pest Control - iStock_6838764_SMALLHealth Care and pest control share many of the same concerns. We both want to cure problems and we want to do it in the most effective, quick and environmentally conscious way possible. Extermitech has been providing that service to hospitals, outpatient care facilities, clinics, group homes and nursing homes. Extermitech uses the most effective state-of-the-art techniques as a standard in these facilities. We use the I.P.M, or Green approach, to the fullest. We use any physical remedies to cure problems before applying any unnecessary products to ensure the well being of the facility and its patients alike.

Unfortunately, commercial properties are susceptible to being home to many different pests. At Extermitech, we are experienced and well equipped to provide only the most professional and eco-friendly pest management and prevention for various commercial properties. For a comprehensive inspection of your property, give us a call!


If you're in the need of reliable, guaranteed, and preventative pest and wildlife control in the Long Island, East Islip, Hempstead, Freeport, or the surrounding New York region, contact the experts at Extermitech today. Our experienced and well-trained professionals will get out to your site as soon as possible to inspect and handle the issue.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.