Rodent Guard

The newly patented Rodent Guard has been proven effective and successful.

This system easily affixes to power lines, guy wires, dock ropes or cabling with a minimal number of parts and can be assembled in a short period of time. It is closely fitted to and remains in a transverse position on the support.

The Benefits of the Rodent Guard

  • Effectively prevent squirrels and other rodents from traveling power lines and gaining access onto roofs and into structures.
  • Prevent costly damage and power outages to power company transformers caused by squirrel contact.
  • Safeguard against expensive animal trapping and repair fees.

See Our Team in Action as They Install the Rodent Guard System:

If you're experiencing unwanted guests in your home or business, don't attempt to confront the pests on your own, you need the Rodent Guard! For fast, reliable pest and wildlife and pest control services in Long Island and the surrounding areas, contact Extermitech today to learn more about Rodent Guard or to schedule a FREE INSPECTION.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.